Sirupate Khukuri- “Slender”


In the rural areas of Nepal, farmers carry kukri for their daily domestic and livelihood work.The knife not only helps a farmer do his daily work but also safe guards him from imminent threats and danger from wild animals while in woods. This special bond between the user and the khukuri keeps the user stable, strong and always at bay.

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Kukri Details
“SiruPate” is a Nepali vocabulary derived from a leaf’s name found in the hilly areas of Nepal. “Siru” is the name of the plant and “Paat” means leaf. Since the shape of the Siru’s leaf inspires the shape of the SiruPate Khukuri, the name has been inspired by this plant. Renowned among Nepalese because of its historic background and beautiful shape; it is recommended for those who like to travel light.
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  • 2  small knives (check image)

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A SiruPate is a slimmer and lighter compared to other kukris yet very effective. This 10” slender blade, shaped as a leaf makes it functional and mobile.


The handle come in a basic rat-tail tang handle with wooden grip. The shape of the handle compliments the shape of the blade hence giving the kukri an attractive look.


The black traditional sheath with metal tip adds to the beauty of this kukri.

SiruPate is choosen as a traditional khukuri that is used in marriage ceremony and other religious events. It also accompanies a male dancer to perform the traditional “Kukri Dance” in Nepal.

Materials / Features:

Special water buffalo leather scabbard, large effectual bevel polished blade, Indian rosewood full flat tang riveted handle, 2 x special small knives

Additional information

Weight .875 kg
Blade Finishing

Polished Version


Dharan, Eastern Nepal

Blade Size

10 inches approx.

Blade Thickness

8mm approx.

Handle Material

Indian rosewood handle

Blade Material

52100 / En-31 (industrial steel used for heavy constructions).


Domestic use, Gift, Indoor, Regular work


Water buffalo leather scabbard

Handle Size


Released Date


Actual Weight

420 grams

Overall Weight

575 grams

Shipping Weight

875 grams


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