Salyani, the immortal kukri, has come a long way which continues to sustain it amazing legacy, which is as authentic as it was first forged centuries ago is an ideal kukri to own as a show piece, a master collection and is a great utility knife at the same time.

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Kukri Details
A classic khukuri from the 18th and 19th centuries of Nepal, originally from the district of Salyan, West Nepal. This khukuri is still maintaining its ancient originality and has completely ignored the modern demand and adjustments however it is perfectly capable for use like any other khukuris. KHHI feels proud to reproduce such a historic khukuri for the khukuri freaks.
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This 12inch bladed has a unique shape and distinctive patterns all along the top panel of the blade. This is mainly done to stand out from the crowd and also to show craftsmanship at the same time. The blade is semi-curved, almost like a crescent shape with no shoulder (peak) at all. In the history, it was believed that Salyani had various traditional and beautiful patterns all over the blade made with silver and sometimes with gold to denote the religious and mythical aspect of the carrier and his ancestor. It was also believed that people with high status were often seen carrying SALYANI to exhibit their power and prowess in those times. The history has its pages already filled but now it is just a tool for everyone.


The handle is like of the original classic parawal khukuris. In the exterior part of handle, the middle section has rings for extra grip. This handle is further secured by metal bolster at the top and metal pommel at the bottom


The scabbard is made from high quality treated black leather. The interior has wooden pieces shaped like the blade to provide strength to the scabbard. While, the top has a button and thread linked to be used as scabbard lightener. This section also features a frog loop for the scabbard to be carried around. And the scabbard has unique pattern for decoration.

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo treated leather scabbard, rosewood handle, metallic fixtures

Additional information

Weight .1150 kg
Blade Size

12 inches approx.

Blade Thickness

7mm approx.

Blade Finishing

Polished Version

Handle Material

rosewood handle


Water buffalo treated leather scabbard


KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal

Released Date

12th Sept 2011


Collection, Decoration, Defending, Domestic use, Gift

Actual Weight

600 grams

Overall Weight

800 grams

Shipping Weight

1150 grams


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