What is ?? is a genuine, advanced, buyer protected and 100% secured e-com website dedicated to selling original Nepalese handmade Khukuris and Knives that offers the exclusive “Lifetime Warranty” card. It is operated by KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY (KHHI), Nepal which is based in Kathmandu, Nepal situated in the prestigious “Patan Industrial Estate” as industry # 101 amongst other 120 plus industries.

Who is ?? is a website owned and run by KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY (KHHI), Nepal. KHHI is a manufacturer, exporter and retailer. Originally established in 1991, in 2004 KHHI underwent a massive modification under the leadership of Mr. Saroj Lama Tamang by adding the manufacturing wing to oversee better quality under its own eye, quantity and services. Now it is the only company to undertake both; primitive method and modern technology; to do its production activities. It offers more than 100 various types of high quality Kukris and Knives that are well tested targeted for all walks of life. KHHI is registered under Industry Business Act 2049, section 3 (ka) and under the same Act, Article 4 and 5 in Section 10. It is registered as Small Cottage Industry of Nepalese Government having its registration number as 6026/299/064/065. KHHI was registered under the above Acts on the 24th February 2008. It has a work force of more than 30 personnel and annual turnover going into millions of USD.

Design Your Khukuri

Design Your Khukuri

You can design your own khukuri and send to us , we will turn into reality.



We will engrave your khukuri for free, just dont forget to mention while making the order.



Print your company logo, or any marks on the khukuri you have purchased.



Yes KHHI provides 1 year Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty on all Knives manufactured and sold.
Why KHHI Knives?
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25+ years in Khukuri Business has been in the business for more than 25 years and has all the experiences and expertise to satisfy any kind of customer and need in this field.  Its testimonials, feedbacks, videos and 90% returnee statics prove why KHHI is no.1.  All KHHI’s knives are made from the best materials available and skillfully made by the veterans who have years of knowledge and then each knife is vigorously tested before shipping. Each KHHI’s knife is trademarked to distinguish itself from the copycats. It also provides extra ordinary customer service and sales support because at KHHI buyers are friends, not just mere buyers. KHHI is already a big name/player in this field with more than 12000 satisfied customers all over the world.

KHHI Fast Facts

  1. Company founded and run by ex-Gurkhas and highly recommended by Gurkha VCs.
  2. The official maker and supplier to the British Gurkhas since 1993 and recently in 2012-13-14
  3. Established in 1991 with more than 12000 online buyers and 90% returning customers.
  4. Expertise and experience of over 25 years with more than 1200 custom-design knives made for various individuals and companies.
  5. Handmade by world class craftsmen renowned as the “Bishwakarmas or KAMIS”; also recognized universally as the “Born Khukuri Makers”.
  6. Nepal’s first original khukuri knives manufacturer and pioneer to lead the online industry.
  7. Wide range of varieties suitable for everybody from pen knife to kitchen to hunting to self-defense to combat, from classic to ultra modern to innovative, from traditional to village to real army knives to decorative.

A Genuine Purchase

KHHI is on the top notch for quality and customer satisfaction.



Khukuri patents registered by KHHI.

Custom Designs

1400+ custom knives/kukris


12000+ customers all over the world.