The need for a rough utility knife to perform in the active army service (lower rank) provoked the demand of the Jungle and soon it was found widely in use by Gurkhas.

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Kukri Details
Jungle Training Knife is not a standard army issue but it is closely associated with Gurkhas Soliders for training, exercise and combat. It was first picked up from army store called PRI shop around 1950s. Ever since the “Jungle” was discovered it has faced numerous official trainings, exercises, operations and even combats but sadly it deeds have hardly been documented or recognized. It is our belief that the development of modern and more effective army gears overshadowed the importance and usage of the kukri. Due to its typical look, special feature and very close association with the legendary Gurkhas, this is one of the best sellers of all times. It is an all-out all-purpose utility knife that carries the history, and also has all characters of a defense knife.
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KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

  • KHHI Warranty Card
  • KHHI Brochure
  • Info leaflet
  • KHHI Product (Khukuri) Manual
  • Design Khukuri Pamphlet
  • Letter from MD
  • Letter of Declaration
  • 2 x small knives


The blade of this kukri is identical to Service No 1, it is a totally unpolished khukuri. Since it is designed for rough use finishing is not done either in the blade or handle. This also comes as an advantage to the khukuri as the unpolished format enhances the cutting ability and durability of the blade as losing of temper is prevent by avoiding the long machinery process undertaken to polish a blade


The unpolished horn handle of the Jungle provides better grip and easier handling too.


Jungle has a basic black colored buffalo hide leather scabbard with twin belt loop frog. Brass fixtures are fitted to complete the look of the khukuri. Some Jungles are also camouflaged by green cotton cloth or similar materials by soldiers for warfare to ensemble with their uniform and not to attract any unwanted attention.

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo leather scabbard, unpolished water buffalo horn handle, 2 x small knives

Additional information

Weight .1075 kg
Blade Size

10.5 inches approx.

Blade Thickness

9mm approx.

Blade Finishing

Unpolished Version

Handle Material

unpolished water buffalo horn handle


Water buffalo leather scabbard


Dharan, Eastern Nepal


Combat, Defending, Domestic use, Hunting, Jungle Warfare, Military, Outdoor, Regular work, Stabbing, Trekking

Actual Weight

570 grams

Overall Weight

775 grams

Shipping Weight

1075 grams


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