Freshtation Another outstanding khukri by another outstanding Kami (master craftsman) of KHHI forged to fill up the vacuum of Traditional and Classic version from the history, that is built very light but with heavy re-curved and broad blade projected to deliver a very good Readmore..

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Gurkha Combat (Loyal)

A Gurkha’s first choice when his duty calls upon him to serve and protect..

  • Gurkha Combat (Loyal)
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625 gram
Dharan, Eastern Nepal
Combat, Defending, Fighting, Jungle warfare, Lethal, Military
11 inches
4.5 Inches
825 Grams (With Sheaths and Accessories if any )
1175 Grams
9 mm
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Semi-Custom form

This is so called because of its use as a combat or a fighting knife by Gurkha Soldiers at present days. It is a modern day combat kukri preferred by soldiers for battles and warfare. Gurkha soldiers other than the standard issued khukuris can have their own pick for their secondary knife. Most prefer to have this kukri because of its perfect size, shape and weight and also the simplicity it embraces. All fixtures of the kukri knife are plain and basic yet it retains the solid hardcore look of a classic and deadly weapon designated to destroy and defend. Simple yet stylish, effective and efficient, handy and hardy; Gurkha Combat carries all the required characters needed for a knife to be carried with within the enemy territories where one is unwanted, to safeguard and serve its keeper. A fearsome weapon when you run out of your ammunitions – a Gurkha’s first choice when his duty calls upon him to serve and protect.

It is slightly longer and more curved than the standard service kukri issued to them. It is in fact exactly same as the "World War" version except that its blade and handle are unpolished. Here the unpolished version is opted to make the khukuri synchrith the jungle ambient and to camouflage with the gears and wears of a soldier as anything fancy would attract unwanted attention. The unpolished horn handle gives better grip and blends with the uniform of the carrier perfectly.

Gurkha Combat has a typical plain normal leather scabbard with single belt loop affixed in it. Two traditional accompanying knives are discarded in a view that today’s contemporary warfare has become very sophisticated and demanding so carrying them would prove unnecessary.

It is also a typical all-purpose utility knife especially made for rough use. Although the blade has no finishing and polishing the surface is very smooth and well balanced. Even the handle is unpolished to benefit the user with better grip and easiness in handling. It is also the replica of old khukuris made in ancient times used widely by farmers and villagers for their daily domestic work. This type of kukri is highly recommended for jungle and safari tours and any activities that require cutting.

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