Gurkha Combat is a modern day combat kukri, this is so called because of its use as a combat or a fighting knife by Gurkha Soldiers at present.
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Kukri Details
Gurkha soldiers other than the standard Khukuri issued, they can choose secondary knife for themselves, most of who prefer to have this kukri because of its size, shape and weight and also the simplicity it embraces.
This kukri can also be termed as all-purpose utility knife as it is especially made for rough use. It is the replica of old khukuris made in ancient times used widely by farmers and villagers for their daily domestic work. This type of kukri is highly recommended for jungle and safari tours and any activities that require cutting.
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The blade is slightly longer and more curved than the standard service kukri issued to Gurkhas. It is in fact exactly the same as “World War`` version except that its blade and handle are unpolished. The unpolished version is selected to make the khukuri synchronize with the jungle ambient and to camouflage with the gears and wears of a soldier


The unpolished horn handle gives better grip and blends with the uniform of the carrier perfectly.


Gurkha Combat has a typical plain normal leather scabbard with single belt loop attached in it. Two traditional accompanying knives ( karda and chakmak) are discarded in a view that today’s contemporary warfare has become very sophisticated and demanding so carrying them would prove unnecessary.

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo leather scabbard, unpolished water buffalo horn handle

Additional information

Weight .1175 kg
Blade Size

11 inches approx.

Blade Thickness

9.5mm approx.

Blade Finishing

Unpolished Version

Handle Material

unpolished water buffalo horn handle


Water buffalo leather scabbard


Dharan, Eastern Nepal


Combat, Defending, Fighting, Jungle Warfare, Lethal, Military

Actual Weight

625 grams

Overall Weight

825 grams

Shipping Weight

1175 grams


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