Ganjuwal’s multi-functional accompanying tools encouraged us to name the kukri ‘Swiss’ for this khukuri was derived from Swiss Army Knife.
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Kukri Details
GANJUWAL SWISS is actually a replica of the Ganjuwala khukuri of the 18th century. This khukuri has proved to be the perfect utility tool for villagers in Nepal for regular use in their daily life. The original ‘Ganjuwala’ khukuri have long lost in the midst of time and civilization. Therefore, a replicated version was introduced as the ‘Ganjuwal Swiss’ by KHHI. The term ‘Swiss’ for this khukuri was derived from Swiss Army Knife to support Ganjuwal’s multi-functional accompanying tools. The Ganjuwal is the all-time perfect utility tool of a farmer in the rural villages of Nepal.
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

  • KHHI Warranty Card
  • KHHI Brochure
  • Info leaflet
  • KHHI Product (Khukuri) Manual
  • Design Khukuri Pamphlet
  • Letter from MD
  • Letter of Declaration
  • 2 x small knives
  • 2 x small knives,
  • 4 x small working tools,
  • 1 x storing pouch,
  • 1 x extra bag


The blade is 10inch long with polished finishing. This polish finishing enhances the beauty of the blade and it also prevents the blade from unwanted rusts. The shape of this khukuri is same as the original Ganjuwal khukuri but is shorter to make it more feasible for easy and daily use.


The handle resembles the original parawal khukuris however the handle is further secured by brass bolster at the top and brass pommel at the bottom. The pommel for this handle has three small brass peaks to complete the overall design of the khukuri.


The scabbard is the main attraction of this khukuri. It is made from high quality and refined buffalo leather where you can find multiple buttas, (designs) setting it apart from other common scabbards. These buttas are at the top, where the maker has made a flower having brown leather petals and red pistils. Below are two buttons with pink threads which can also be used to tighten the scabbard and a curved petal above this chape.

Scabbard in Detail

This classic scabbard also features places to keep karda+chakmak at the top. Similarly, a small leather pouch is secured at the back of the scabbard’s throat to store important objects like flint powder, herbal dust, etc. Also, an extra empty hole or bag is fitted, just in-case an extra tool is needed. Overall it’s a beautiful looking scabbard.

Karda+Chakmak and Extras:

Two small knives, karda+chakmak is included for this khukuri. Extras that comes with the Ganjuwal khukuri are a screwdriver, ear cleaner, tweezers and a needle.

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo treated leather scabbard, rosewood handle, 2 x small knives, 4 x small working tools, 1 x storing pouch, 1 x extra bag

NOTE: Here we would like to caution that the multi tools mentioned above are mere replica of the original ones and do not function well as the main purpose is to exhibit the tools from the past. In today’s context much better and cheaper modern replacer are already avail in the market if it really has to be used.

Additional information

Weight .1075 kg
Blade Size

10 inches approx.

Blade Thickness

9mm approx.

Blade Finishing

Polished Version

Handle Material

rosewood handle


Water buffalo treated leather scabbard


Ganjuwal (Far Eastern Nepal)


Collection, Gift, Outdoor, Regular work, Show Piece

Actual Weight

525 grams

Overall Weight

725 grams

Shipping Weight

1075 grams


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