Freshtation Another outstanding khukri by another outstanding Kami (master craftsman) of KHHI forged to fill up the vacuum of Traditional and Classic version from the history, that is built very light but with heavy re-curved and broad blade projected to deliver a very good Readmore..

Visiting KHHI

KHUKURI HOUSE HANDICRAFT INDUSTRY (KHHI) warmly welcomes you to its showroom located in Patan Industrial Estate (see map). Since KHHI is a manufacturer and an exporter of handmade khukuri knives we do not maintain or get opportunity/time to maintain a very healthy stock at showroom. We give our 100% to quality and in the process we run very low on stock. It is therefore advised to all visiting customers/buyers to pre-notify us at least 15-20 days ahead to make the product/s available and be able to collect/buy it from KHHI’s showroom.

On the other hand KHHI heartily welcomes all to witness the LIVE making of khukuri knives in KHHI production factory.

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