Freshtation Another outstanding khukri by another outstanding Kami (master craftsman) of KHHI forged to fill up the vacuum of Traditional and Classic version from the history, that is built very light but with heavy re-curved and broad blade projected to deliver a very good Readmore..

VCs Visit KHHI

"VCs" visits "KHHI"- a memorial and prestigious event in KHHI

The maiden visit of VCs (Agan Singh Rai, Lacchiman Gurung and Ram Bahadur Limbu) to Khukuri House Handicraft Industry in May 1997 was a big boost to the company. The visit was one of the major events in a decade of business. Khukuris were thoroughly inspected and admired by the war heroes and further recommended to be of the best quality. KHHI also sponsored a lunch program to honor the VCs. They were presented khukuris as a token of gifts from the owner. The event was a big success and KHHI will always remain grateful to the war heroes for their visit and priceless contribution to fame the Gurkhas, Nepalese and Nepal as a whole.