Freshtation Another outstanding khukri by another outstanding Kami (master craftsman) of KHHI forged to fill up the vacuum of Traditional and Classic version from the history, that is built very light but with heavy re-curved and broad blade projected to deliver a very good Readmore..


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Kamis (Blacksmith) are a minority community of Nepal. They are often neglected and ostracized by Nepalese society because they are considered to be among the so-called lower castes. Despite their friendly behavior and artistic skills, they have been victims for generations because of traditional myths and blind faith. They certainly do not deserve this kind of treatment. They also have a right and freedom to live their lives to the fullest like any citizen of the country. The future generations of Kamis must have an opportunity to reach out beyond their world and make a decent living.

Kamis are the ones who make the khukuris that we all admire and treasure. They put immense effort and hardship into creating these work of art. By helping the artisans, you add more meaning and value to their creations. "Khukuri House Handicraft Industry" is working to provide them opportunities to obtain basic education, health services, resources, attractive wages and other basic support. We seek your support and understanding in this endeavor. Let us unite and fight to remove the barriers and hardships that the Kamis have been enduring and give them a chance to better their lives. You can make a very great difference in helping to change their lives.

“Support Our Kamis” is a program that KHHI has undertaken to uplift the living standard of the Kamis. It aims to provide them with the basic needs that they have no access to. However, it is an enormous task, and KHHI alone cannot support the Kamis and work for the betterment of their status. But by working hand in hand and combining our efforts, we can make a difference in providing them a chance for a better and prosperous future.

We look forward to your support in this significant effort that we have started. Let us work together and create a platform from where the Kamis can spread their wings and fly high. Together, we can and will make a difference.